Artwork Guidelines


We are happy to offer FREE artwork assistance and FREE artwork proofs with every order!  Please read and follow the guidelines below to assist us in making your print project look perfect!


Artwork File Types

 Artwork files work best if they are provided to us in the following formats: .eps, .pdf, .cdr, and .ai.  Please convert all fonts to outlines/curves.  We can also accept .png, .bmp, .jpg, and .jpeg files.  All files work best if they are created and saved at 300 dpi or higher resolution.  The better the artwork file, the better the print!  Some special effects may not be able to be reproduced, no matter how good the artwork.  Please note that even the listed accepted file types may not work perfectly with our software and may require some clean up.  But don't worry, because we offer...


FREE Artwork Assistance

 If you do not have access to high quality artwork for your design, we offer FREE artwork assistance to try to clean up the artwork you do have for our use.  Please be advised that if we need to clean up your artwork, it could delay your artwork proof, and ultimately your order.  We require at least one additional day for every file that needs to be cleaned up.  If you have a tight deadline, we encourage you to send in ready-to-use art.  Your original file remains your property.  Should you require us to send you the cleaned up artwork file, you will be charged a fee based on how long it took us to clean the artwork, at a rate of $20/hour.


FREE Design Assistance

 Don't have a design?  You can use our click2create online designer to create a design that's uniquely yours.  You can create as many designs as you want for FREE!  Or contact us and our team of skilled graphic design artists will be happy to work with you in creating a design that fits your message.  The original design service, plus one revision, are completely FREE!  Additional revisions beyond the first may incur additional charges, charged at a rate of $20/hour.  Should you require us to send you the design for other usage, you will be charged a minimum service fee of $60.


FREE Digital Proofs

To make sure your print project is everything you expect it to be, we provide FREE digital artwork proofs (emailed as .pdf files) on every new order for your approval.  We can also send them for reorders upon request at no charge.  Proofs are sent to demonstrate layout, color separation, and general design composition only.  One original proof plus one revision are included in your order.  Additional revisions are $20/ea.  Digital proofs can not, and do not, reflect actual colors of either the product or the printed image.  If you do need us to match a color, please provide us with the PMS number for the color and we will match the color to the best of our capabilities, however, due to the fact that product colors and ink colors can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer - and even from lot to lot from the same manufacturer - we can not, and do not, guarantee exact color matches, even on reorders, but we do our best to get as close as possible.  Additional charges may apply for PMS color matches.


Please click here for a Pantone Matching System(PMS) Color Chart to use as a guide.


We reserve the right to refuse to print any designs that we deem, at our discretion, to be vulgar, offensive, immoral, or defamatory in any way.



Do not hesitate to contact us with questions.  We are happy to be of service.



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