Frequently Asked Questions


  1. ​​​​​ I don’t have access to “print-ready” artwork.  Can I still place an order?
  1.  Absolutely!  We offer free artwork assistance and in most cases can work with whatever artwork you might have.  And if you don’t have any artwork, we can help you create the perfect design for your needs.  Take a look at our Artwork Guidelines for additional information.
  1. I need my order faster than the stated production lead time.  Do you offer quick shipping or rush service?
  1. The answer depends on the product and how much faster you need it, but in most cases, yes!  Please call our customer service team at 855-582-0328 to ask about expediting your order.
  1. I really like a product but need less than the minimum quantity required.  Can I order less than the minimum?
  1. Depends on the product and the quantity you need, but in some cases, yes!  There may be a small “less-than-minimum” fee.  Please call our customer service team at 855-582-0328 to ask about ordering less than the minimum quantity required.
  1. Why am I being charged more than one set-up charge even though I am using the same logo on all the products in my order?
  1. That is an excellent question, and one a lot of customers wonder about.  It is important to note that a set-up charge is not an artwork charge.  An artwork charge is what some companies charge to get your artwork “print-ready.”  We do not charge any artwork charges!   We offer free artwork assistance on all orders. The set-up charge, however, covers the cost of creating and setting up the equipment (printing press, dies, screens, etc.) used to actually produce the product.  Since each product can have a different print area, different sized logo, and use a different print method, each product incurs separate set-up costs. The good news is that although the set-up process is the same each time you order, in most cases the set-up charges are only charged on the first order!  And some products do not have any set-up charges at all!  We list any set-up charges clearly on each product page under the Product Description as part of our “no surprises” policy.
  1. I ordered a large apparel order for a group and some of the sizes don’t fit.  Can I return them for a replacement or a refund?
  1. Sizing is always a tricky issue.  Different brands have different measurements for the same size, and sometimes sizes are different even within the same brand.  We do try our best to provide as much information regarding sizing as we can and encourage you to order a size run in advance of your order to allow people to try on the items prior to ordering if sizing is critical.  If the order was produced to your specifications, it does not qualify for a return or refund under our return policy.  Please read our complete Return Policy for additional information.  However, we do encourage you to contact us as there may be other ways we can make it right!
  1.  I already have some blank garments and I’d like to get them decorated.  Do you accept customer supplied items for decoration?
  1. Due to the inherent risk of damage during any decoration process, we do not accept customer supplied items for runs under 144 pieces.  For runs of 144 pieces or more, we may accept customer supplied items at our discretion (not every garment can be decorated successfully).  For customer supplied items, we require at least one additional garment provided for every style/size/color in case of damage; otherwise your order will be shipped short.  We accept no liability beyond the decoration for damage to customer supplied items.  Since we do like to impress, and really dislike to disappoint our customers, we highly recommend letting us source the garments for you!  That way, you are guaranteed your order will be worry free and complete!


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